You are my raketa.

我原地炸裂 我化作烟花炸在天边
刚刚看完正联彩蛋的光头莱秃 结果jewnicorn这个八百年没动静的远古时代cp突然发新糖


Andrew 上了 SAG-AFTRA的访谈,在其中他回忆了演艺生涯的所有细节,回忆到TSN的时候他说当时他以为自己的角色是Mark结果去试戏的时候芬奇让他考虑一下Eduardo,他说当然不用考虑啦,给他什么都会演的!
Andrew Garfield:So much better(笑场)
Andrew:I fell in love with Jesse. You know that was a love story for me
That relationship.It was like Cain and Abel it was like brothers for me and for Eduardo I think in the way it was written and obviously for mark ques different stories they know you are needed and you are not needed
Andrew:Jesse you know what Jesse did was remarkable and I did fell in love with Jesse as a person as an actor and as a character and that were creating that relationship with him and we spent Halloween together in Baltimore and a Cheesecake Factory and that was the best Halloween I think I spend the whole Halloween doing an Australian accent because he liked it.
The specific character I think I was playing like a gay Australian filmmaker based on a filmmaker we know which is very flamboyant it was very very very theater geeks...Cheesecake Factory Baltimore of all places.Those days I miss those days nobody...and I and he’s remarkable and what he did was what him and David did together………
标重点:fell in love with Jesse
一起过了万圣节还扮作澳大利亚口音(because he liked it)
I miss those days




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